About Us

Everything has a beginning
SquadLinker was born in Porto, Portugal, of a will to change forever the way you play football.
"The big why"
Everyone knows the enormous benefits of playing sports, even more when you practice them with other people but, even though, we do it less often than we would like and should, why? - It's not easy - we need a team, an opponent, a pitch, material, and we need it all to be ready and available simultaneously.
Playing football was never this easy
With Squadlinker community, it´s now possible to reach an authentic social network that gives its members access to games, tournaments, rankings, personal stats, friend lists, new places to play and many other incredible features.
This is possible due to a mobile app built to create the perfect solution to link you to other players of your favorite sport.

The Team

We are seven, amateur athletes and top-level athletes and, with our experience in design, engineering, marketing and programing, we have the dream to create the biggest sports community in the world and change forever amateur football.

Join us in this dream!


Pedro Balonas
Founder and CEO
Miguel Rothes
Founder and CEO
Francisco Duarte
Marketing Manager
Rui Moreira
Front End Developing Manager
Hélder Moreira
Back End Developing Manager
Mariana Almeida
Design Founder
Maria João Jardim
Design Manager